Humor Writing

How To Create A True Crime Podcast And Solve A Murder
Want To Do A Cool Content Collaboration, Or Shall I Stalk You Until Death?

Points in Case
How to Make Your Zoom Meetings More French

Little Old Lady Comedy
How to Determine if Your Boyfriend Who Kicks Puppies is the One
Businesses From Literature Reviewed On Glassdoor
The Very Hungry Capitalist And Other Politician-Authored Books
Every Attempt To Connect With Amazon About My Missing Package
How To Throw Your Child The Remote Super Sweet Sixteen Party Of Her Dreams
Would You Have Survived The Salem Witch Trials? Take This Quiz To Find Out!
The Pandemic Tunnel And Other YA Novels In The Time Of COVID
Martha Stewart Presents: A COVID-Inspired Dinner Party

Study: Yes, You Should Facebook Friend Your Middle School Nemesis, Show Her You’re Hot Now

The Philadelphia Satirer
Study Finds Women Want More Leadership Roles Despite Menstruating

Greener Pastures
Local Hero Finally Gets Inbox Down to Zero
Classic Movies I’ve Never Seen But Definitely Know the Plots of
Moshe, the Jewish Elf
Your Beautiful New York Apartment Awaits

Personalities at Your Local Greenmarket
My Zoom Lecture Expectations
On Your Birthday, Here’s a Photo of Me as a Beautiful Bride

Robot Butt
Breaking: Remembering Anne Hathaway Was Starring in ‘The Princess Diaries 2’ at Your Age Can Help You Relax About Your Pathetic Life
What Your Drink Order Says About You
Now That I’m COVID Vaccinated, I’m Ready to Move Out of My Parents’ Bedroom
A Guide to Your COVID Internship
Lessons Learned from Manic-Pixie Dream Girls in Classic Novels

Jane Austen’s Wastebasket
Help! My Boyfriend Only Loves the Colonial Era Version of Me
These Historical Women Dolls Will Make You Scream with Delight

Former Popular Girl Misses Judging People by Whether They Were Wearing Abercrombie & Fitch
Is Phantom a Metaphor for Your Romantic Life?
Is He Hot Under That Mask?
How to Be an Agatha Christie Detective

How Pants Work
A Compare and Contrast Study of Hercules the Roman Demigod and Hercules My Dog
Hello. My Name Is Timothy.

The Haven
10 Questions for Puppy Haters

The Daily Drunk
School Field Trips Modified for COVID-19

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